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    A boyfriend deserves to be,

    Appreciated – boys love to be appreciated even if you thought that it’s just a small thing, you have to tell him that you like or love it.

    The only one and the greatest boy you know – boys are like girls, they have insecurities too.

    Given a flower – they deserve to be given too. Maybe they’re boys but who cares? They’ll love it for sure and maybe they find it romantic.

    Kissed and cuddled – girls, girls, girls, there’s no rule that the boys should always make the first move.

    Loved – we all know that mostly, boys are not keen about showing their feelings. We can’t tell if they’re hurt or not, because they don’t feel like crying in front of everyone. They just kept it. Girls, boys deserve to be loved. Why? Because when a boy gave everything he has with a girl. I promise you, hell its whole.

    I’m not sure, kung GIF lang ang napansin. Sana pati yung writing.

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    Clear your mind here

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  4. Filipino Guy jumped 6 floor levels after meeting his long-time internet girlfriend without FILTER - TrendingNow

    People nowadays.

  5. I can’t imagine being anywhere else but here.

  6. Symptom #1

    Loosened grip of reality.

  7. "I want to make the best of what is left, hold tight."

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  10. "Someone in someday will be willing to die for you"

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    Coz I have to. I needed to. And I want to.

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  12. 0422

    Bye long hair.

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    Ikaw ang source ng happiness ko. Ikaw palagi yung nandyan para pagandahin yung araw ko. Palagi mo akong kinukulit… palagi mo akong binibigyan ng best day ever. Ang galing mo nga eh. Wala ka pa kasing ginagawa napapasaya mo na ako. Ano pa kaya kapag may ginawa ka na? Halos nabuo mo na yung araw ko. Sumasaya ako sa tuwing kasama kita. Pakiramdam ko may kasama akong guardian angel na po-protekta sa akin. Pakiramdam ko may kasama akong clown, dahil sa mga pagpapatawa na ginagawa mo para lang mapatawa ako. Pakiramdam ko may kasama akong prinsipe na ang turing kasi sakin ay prinsesa na handa nyang pakasalan para maging reyna nya habang buhay. Palagi akong masaya dahil sayo. Oo, dahil sayo lang.. wala ng iba. Sa bawat oras na ipinaparamdam mo sakin na palagi kang nasa tabi ko at hinding hindi mo ako iiwan, mas sumasaya ako. Sa bawat halik at yakap na galing sayo, bumibilis ang tibok ng puso ko. Ikaw lang nakakapagbigay ng ganitong happiness sa akin. At ang happiness na ito ang gusto kong maramdaman palagi hanggang sa pagtanda natin.


    PURPLEI don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

    YELLOWI wish we were friends in real life.

    REDI love you with a burning passion.

    GREYI wish we’d talk more.

    TURQUOISE: I would hug you if we met

    PINKI love your blog it’s one of my favourites

    TEALWe have a lot in common.

    BLUEYou are my tumblr crush.

    ORANGEI don’t like your blog.


    GREENI think you’re cute.

    CORAL: I think you’re beautiful

    BLACKI would date you.

    BROWNI don’t like you.

    PLEASE? :) ♥

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